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GTA V online Experts I need help. I bought all the technicians, but the jobs didn’t unlock. How can I unlock each one. Also, my casino is only one floor with Basement Level 1 unlocked only. Thanks in advance!

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A Certified Online Crypto Casino – Blockchain News, Opinion, TV and Jobs

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Game doesn't show Casino, Heists, or other online, co-op minigames, jobs or missions

Just got the game from epic games I played a little bit of the story mode than joined gta online, created my charachter than i started the tutorail, (Idk where the tutorail ends specifically) did the race after that on the map was only the Lester location and the other shops and ammotion etc. After watching that cutscene with Lester and that chinese lady after that Lester said that I needed to buy a Maze Bank Foreclosure which were extremly expensive. But after that nothing happend only some emails and messages for bounty targets treasure hunts, and a call later on by Lamar but the casino and other things didn't show up on the map I went to the casino couldn't get in or play any other races or heists hosted by other players, I couldn't do any jobs, quick jobs or host any. What now
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Thousands lose jobs, casinos shut as Cambodia bans online gambling

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Thousands lose jobs, casinos shut as Cambodia bans online gambling

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Online casino dealers of Reddit, how do you feel about your job?

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English Movie , reviews , trailers , Watch Movies online. Full movies , Watch The Casino Job

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Thousands lose jobs, casinos shut as Cambodia bans online gambling

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Thousands lose jobs, casinos shut as Cambodia bans online gambling

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 36%. (I'm a bot)
PHNOM PENH - More than 7,000 Cambodians have lost their jobs and dozens of casinos have been shuttered since a ban on online gambling in August, with more losses expected when the government begins inspections this week, officials said on Tuesday.
The southern coastal city of Sihanoukville has emerged as a centre for gambling and many of the dozens of Chinese-run casinos that have sprung up there have online gambling operations.
Officials will begin inspecting all casinos nationwide beginning Jan. 1 to make sure they have shut down their online operations, Ros Phearun, deputy director-general of the Finance Ministry's financial industry department, told Reuters.
Ros Phearun said that government revenue would be hard-hit, since online gambling had contributed about a quarter of an estimated $80 million per year in total taxes from casinos.
Since the August announcement, an unspecified number of casinos had already ceased operations, with 136 left nationwide by December, he said.
"When the online gambling was banned, they went back to their country, then there is a decline of casinos," Ros Phearun said, adding that Sihanoukville has been hit hard by the ban, with the number of casinos cut by half from more than 70 to 36 remaining.
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@Reuters: Thousands lose jobs, casinos shut as Cambodia bans online gambling

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Thousands lose jobs, casinos shut as Cambodia bans online gambling

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Thousands lose jobs, casinos shut as Cambodia bans online gambling

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[World] - Thousands lose jobs, casinos shut as Cambodia bans online gambling | REUTERS

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[World] - Thousands lose jobs, casinos shut as Cambodia bans online gambling

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OANN: Thousands lose jobs, casinos shut as Cambodia bans online gambling

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Thousands lose jobs, casinos shut as Cambodia bans online gambling

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@Reuters: Thousands lose jobs, casinos shut as Cambodia bans online gambling

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"I think I've lived long enough to see competitive Counter-Strike as we know it, kill itself." Summary of Richard Lewis' stream (Long)

I want to preface that the contents of this post is for informational purposes. I do not condone or approve of any harassments or witch-hunting or the attacking of anybody.
Richard Lewis recently did a stream talking about the terrible state of CS esports and I thought it was an important stream anyone who cares about the CS community should listen to.
Vod Link here:
I realize it is 3 hours long so I took it upon myself to create a list of interesting points from the stream so you don't have to listen to the whole thing, although I still encourage you to do so if you can.
I know this post is still long but probably easier to digest, especially in parts.
Here is a link to my raw notes if you for some reason want to read through this which includes some omitted stuff. It's in chronological order of things said in the stream and has some time stamps.


CSPPA - Counter-Strike Professional Players' Association

"Who does this union really fucking serve?"

ESIC - Esports Integrity Commission

"They have been put in an impossible position."

Stream Sniping

"They're all at it in the online era, they're all at it, they're all cheating, they're all using exploits, probably that see through smoke bug got used a bunch of times"

Match Fixing

"How many years have we let our scene be fucking pillaged by these greedy cunts?" "We just let it happen."

North America

"Everyone in NA has left we've lost a continents worth of support during this pandemic and Valve haven't said a fucking word."


"TO's have treated CS talent like absolute human garbage for years now."


"Anything that Riot does, is better than Valve's inaction"

Closing Statements

"We've peaked. If we want to sustain and exist, now is the time to figure it out. No esports lasts as long as this, we've already done 8 years. We've already broke the records. We have got to figure out a way to coexist and drive the negative forces out and we need to do it as a collective and we're not doing that."

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DraftKings (NASDAQ: DKNG) - Deep Dive Research - Part 2

Deep Dive #1 (Part 2 of 2) – DraftKings, bringing sports to life (Is it a 10
Hi everyone, thanks for coming back for Part 2. If you missed Part 1, you can read it here. I’m excited to bring you the rest of my research on DraftKings (NASDAQ: DKNG). Let’s dive in.
Can we 10X from here?
For someone like me that is on the younger side and with a longer investment time horizon, and probably you if you are reading this, an important question to ask yourself is “Do I think this investment could 10x from here?”. In other words, could this investment one day be 10 times what it is worth today? To try to answer this question, I will work through a pre-determined framework that I believe gives us the best path to find out.
The framework includes:
  1. Leadership – Desire, Purpose and Ownership
  2. Risk Considerations
  3. Price Considerations
  4. Explosive Business Growth
1. Leadership – Desire, Purpose, Ownership
For a company to do something as spectacular as 10x, we are going to need to see really strong and talented leadership. In Chris Mayer’s excellent book “100 Baggers”, he dedicates a part of the book to talk about the importance of what he calls “Owner Operators”. By this he means that the CEO of the company owns a substantial amount of stock in the company themselves. Why is this important? If the CEO has their own personal wealth at stake in the company’s stock (just like we do as shareholders) their interests are more aligned with shareholders and maximizing returns for shareholders than they would be if that CEO had no skin in the game. It’s also better in my opinion if the CEO of the company was also the founder of the company. For these founder-CEO’s that have money invested in their own company, it really is like their baby. Would you rather have your money invested with someone who views the company as their baby or with someone who was just hired to watch this kid (the company)?
Having one founder in leadership is good, but how about three? You have to love that. These guys worked together to start this company 8 years ago, and today they hold the three highest positions within the company. Jason, Matt, and Paul were all co-workers at Vistaprint in 2012. Vistaprint is a global e-commerce company that produces physical and digital marketing products for small and micro businesses. All three of them studied computer science/engineering in college with Matt and Jason picking up an additional majors in business/economics. This makes sense as Matt and Jason are CEO and President while Paul is head of Global Technology and Product. At Vistaprint, they worked in various analytics and marketing roles and became good friends. They had a passion for fantasy sports. They liked season long fantasy sports, but saw a big opportunity in daily fantasy sports. They went to work right away on building a digital platform for daily fantasy sports from a spare bedroom in Paul’s Watertown, Massachusetts apartment. Talk about humble beginnings.
I think that FoundeCEO Jason Robins has really shown that he can take care of his baby and lead it to big wins. Over the past 8 years, he has successfully lobbied in multiple US states for legalization of DFS and sports betting. He has helped DK obtain key partnerships with major sports leagues including becoming the official DFS partner of the NFL in 2019. At the time of the deal, Jason was quoted in an article in the Legal Sports Report by Eric Ramsey as saying:
“Throughout our discussions with the League, it was evident we share a common vision around the future of fan engagement, and we are excited to continue on this unique journey with the NFL as our ‘Official Daily Fantasy Partner” and calling it “a defining moment” for the industry.
It’s very important that the CEO of a company like this, trying to essentially create a new industry in the United States, is tactful at getting deals done with key business partners and lobbying for change with the government. I believe this bodes well for DK’s future.
Also, Jason is very respected and admired by his employees. On Glassdoor, he has a 99% approval rate. I’ve honestly never seen a CEO with an approval rating that high. I think this strongly corroborates my thesis that he is a great leader.
Also, DraftKings has very happy customers. Using Net Promoter Score (NPS) which is one of the most reliable and unbiased ways to find out what a customers true experience with a business is and how likely they would be to recommend it to a friend. For DK, their NPS is extremely high and is substantially better than their main competitor – FanDuel. On a scale of -100 to 100, DK has a 71 NPS, while FanDuel has a 54. This is a testament to leadership’s commitment to creating a great user experience. It really shows that company leadership can follow up on their word and deliver what they promise.
In terms of leadership, owning their company, Jason owns about 4.3% of the company worth about $880 million at the time of this writing. Fellow co-founders Matthew Kalish and Paul Liberman both own about 1.8% of the company, with their stakes each worth about $350 million. I think it’s fair to say that these guys are invested in the success of the company that they started and are motivated to grow their company’s worth for themselves and shareholders.
2. Risk Considerations
My investing strategy is to buy companies of high quality, that are growing at a rapid pace, and then hold my position in those companies for a long time (5, 10, 15 years or longer) as long as I continue to stay satisfied with that companies’ ability to execute their business plan and have productive quarters that meet or exceed expectations. It’s not “Buy and Hold”. It’s “Buy and Continuously Verify”. If you are going to take this strategy, you have to understand the difference between risk and volatility.
To me, risk is the possibility that I can lose my entire investment. As long as I am not trading on margin (I don’t) or short selling (I don’t) the most I can possibly lose when I buy stock in a company is 100% of my money. The risk I’m taking on is 100%. But what is my upside? Is my upside limited to 100%? Of course not. I can invest $10,000 into a company and it can grow to $100,000 (1,000%) or it can grow to $1,000,000 (10,000%). There’s really no limit. Volatility is a natural side effect of being a rapidly growing, disruptive company, that at times the public may struggle throwing a valuation on. It’s your ability to sit through these wild price swings while maintaining conviction in the company’s long term prospects that will allow you to possibly experience a 10x or maybe even a 100 Bagger.
Can we completely eliminate risk? No. But I do think there’s ways we can go about reducing it with our investments. Before considering a company for investment, I have a list of a few questions I go through to see if there’s any red flags that I think could make the investment too risky for me.
Question 1: Is the market cap under $1B?
No. DK’s market cap is $20.5B. Companies under $1B market cap are small/micro cap companies. Penny stocks fall in this category. To me, companies this small are riskier because they haven’t built up enough credibility to get big time financial backing, they’re less known by the public, and less scrutinized by the public than larger companies.
Question 2: Is there one customer that accounts for over 10% of revenue?
No. DK had 1,021,000 Monthly Unique Players (“MUPs”) during Q3 2020, which is up 64% YoY compared to Q3 2019. I seek to avoid customer concentration because if something goes wrong with that one customer or they lose them, it could have a materially negative impact on the business. Luckily, with DK we don’t have to worry about this.
Question 3: Is the company a turnaround story that was recently struggling?
No. DK was founded 8 years ago (2012) and has been on an upward trajectory ever since. As a matter of fact, DK was founded 3 years after FanDuel (2009) and did a great job of not only catching up to them but surpassing them on many metrics. I’ve used both and can honestly say I enjoy DK a lot more. Since they were listed on the NASDAQ on April 24, 2020 the stock is already up 160% from around $19.
Question 4: Is the company in an industry that is set to decline?
No. I don’t think I need to write too much about this. Ultimately, DK is a digital entertainment platform. Common sense should tell you that’s a good industry to be in right now.
3. Price Considerations to 10x
In this part of the framework, I want to focus on the price and the path to 10x from the current price. As of this writing (11/30/20), the market capitalization (market cap) of DK is $20.5B. For those of you that are new investors, I’ll give you a quick breakdown of what this means.
Market cap = Shares outstanding * Price per share
So if Company X has issued 1,000,000 shares, and each share is trading at $50, the Market cap of Company X would be $50M. For reference, this would be a very small company (a micro-cap) that you or I have probably never heard of.
The market cap tells you the total value of the company as a whole on the stock market today.
To achieve 10x in 10 years, a stock will need to have a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 26% per year on average for each of those 10 years. This would obliterate the S&P 500 which has averaged roughly 13.5% per year the past 10 years.
Now back to DK. In order for DK to 10x in 10 years from this current point ($20.5B) it will have to reach a market cap of roughly $205B by the year 2030. For reference, Disney (DIS), has a market cap of $268B as of today. Disney might be a good investment, but they’re not going to be worth $2.68 trillion dollars in the next 10 years. Size of the company matters when trying to 10x. For reference, the highest valued company in the world right now is Apple (AAPL) at $2 trillion.
Disney is considered the gold standard of the entertainment industry. But keep in mind, Disney’s position in entertainment is well established and if anything, would really be declining in the current macro environment if not for their Disney+ streaming service. Even one of the oldest leaders in entertainment like Disney realizes the value of having a digital entertainment platform. However, with the Disney story being very mature and in it’s golden years, the DK story is in the early innings. Better yet, to quote DK CEO, Jason Robbins from the Q3 earnings call, the sports betting part of DK’s business is “in spring training”. For those of you who don’t follow baseball, “spring training” means that the season has not even started yet. The entire premise of DK as a company in my mind is that they are a digital entertainment platform. With the current world macro environment including the immediate and long term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe digital entertainment platforms (especially ones where you can win money) are primed for success. I know it’s a bold prediction to say a stock is going to 10x in 10 years but I believe DK does have a long enough runway for that type of growth to occur. Speaking of growth, let’s talk about that a little more.
4. Explosive Business Growth
We’ve talked about the path for the stock price to 10x, but a necessary ingredient for that to possibly happen is explosive growth. I like to see that top-line revenue is expected to grow at least 20% for the next five years. It’s this type of growth that makes companies that appear very expensive today, actually not as expensive as they look. Personally, when I’m evaluating a growth stock, the first thing I look at is the Price to Sales ratio (P/S). The formula for this is simple:
Price to Sales Ratio (P/S) = Market cap / Last 12 months of Revenue
For DK, the current P/S ratio is $20.5B / $550M* = 37*
*To get $550M, I took Pro Forma Jan 1 – Sep 30 Revenue of $320M and added projected Q4 revenue of $230M from the Q3 earnings call.
To be fair, a P/S ratio of 37 is quite high. It means that as a shareholder, you are paying $37 for every $1 of revenue the company generates. And that’s before considering expenses. You might be saying, “Mark, that’s outrageous, why the heck would I pay $37 just to make $1 of sales?”. The answer is one word – growth. By taking a stake in DK today for the long term, you’re essentially banking on two things.

  1. Revenue will grow rapidly over the next few years to make this ratio more reasonable
  2. Investors in the future will still be willing to pay a premium to have a stake in DK (maybe not a premium as high as $37 for $1 of sales, but a premium nonetheless).
In terms of explosive growth, it has been so far, so good for DK. In the most recent quarter (Q3) ending 9/30/20, revenue was $133M which is up 42% from the same quarter in the prior year. Analysts are expecting a similar trend to continue over the next five years, they forecast at least 20% growth each of the next 5 years.
If the market cap stays exactly the same as it is today ($20.5B), then the P/S ratio by the end of 2025 will be roughly 7. That is a lot more reasonable than what you see today at 37. However, the market cap is not going to be exactly $20.5B by the end of 2025. Too many things will have happened by then (hopefully mostly good things) for the company’s worth to be exactly what it is today. With all the runway for growth here, if management can execute, and actualize these impressive projected growth rates (or maybe exceed them?) I think investors will still be paying a high premium to have a stake in a company like DK.
Will investors still be paying a 37 P/S ratio five years from now? Probably not, but it’s interesting to look at what the company’s value would be if that were the case.
37 * $2.8B sales = $104B.
I don’t think it’s realistic to think investors will still be paying that high of a premium, but maybe the premium will be somewhere between what it is today (37), and what it would be with no price change (7). This is me just speculating and guessing for fun, but lets take the mid-point of that range (22) and see where it gets us.
22 * $2.8B sales = $62B.
This would be roughly a 300% return in 5 years under these assumptions with a CAGR of 25% per year. Not too bad! Again, take this part of the write up with a grain of salt as I am making a lot of assumptions and doing a lot of speculation here.
This concludes Part 2 of my DraftKings deep dive. Hope you enjoyed and be sure to stay tuned for the next pick and for any updates about this one!
***POST-EDIT: Thank you all for the positive feedback! Please comment below what ticker you think I should do my next deep dive on? One with a similar runway for long term growth would be preferred!***
Disclosure: I am/we are long DKNG. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.
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Real-life use cases for Monero

Here are a few examples of real-life use case for Monero that I found from that defeats any arguments accusing Monero of being a tool used to hide criminal activity. Although it can be used for such, Monero has a lot of legal uses as well which includes:
Price manipulation: Sofia is the only mechanic in a small town. One of her customers paid for an oil change with Bitcoin. Sofia later looked up his address on the ledger and saw that the customer's wallet contained enough Bitcoin for a new Lamborghini. Next time he needed a repair, she doubled her prices. If the customer had used Monero, Sofia would have been unable to view his balance or use such information to manipulate prices.
Financial surveillance: Oleg's parents send him some Bitcoin to pay for textbooks, then continue to snoop on his Bitcoin address and activity. A few months later, Oleg sends some leftover Bitcoin to the public donation address for an organization that does not align with his parents' political views. He does not realize that they are still monitoring his Bitcoin activity until he receives a furious email from his parents, berating him. If Oleg had used Monero, his family would not have been upset due to prying into his transaction activity.
Supply chain privacy: Kyung-Seok owns a small business providing family catering services for local events. A large food company uses blockchain tracing to identify most of his regular clients. The corporation uses this list to contact Kyung-Seok's customers, offering similar deals for 5% less. If Kyung-Seok's business used Monero instead, its transaction history could not have been exploited by rival businesses seeking to steal his customers.
Discrimination: Ramona finds her dream apartment, conveniently close to her new job in a great neighbourhood. Every month, she promptly pays her rent in Bitcoin. However, the landlord notices that some of the payments trackback to a legal online casino. The landlord personally despises gambling and unexpectedly chooses to not renew Ramona's lease. If Ramona paid the rent with Monero instead, the landlord would not be able to review its history and discriminate based on her legal source of income.
Transaction security/privacy: Sven sells a guitar to a stranger, and gives the buyer a Bitcoin address from his long-term savings wallet. The buyer checks the blockchain, sees the large sum of money that Sven has saved up, and consequently robs him at gunpoint. If Sven had instead given a Monero address for payment, the buyer would not have been able to view Sven's wealth.
Tainted coins: Loki sells some of his artwork online to save up for college. When he pays tuition, he is shocked to receive a “payment INVALID” error from the school. Unbeknownst to Loki, one of his paintings was purchased using some Bitcoin that was stolen during an exchange hack the previous year. Since the school rejects any payment from a blacklist of “tainted” Bitcoins, they refuse to mark the bill “paid.” Loki is in an extremely difficult position: the Bitcoin that he saved has already been transferred out of his account, yet the tuition bill is still unpaid. This entire situation would have been avoided if Loki sold his paintings for Monero instead since its fungibility precludes tracking or blacklists.
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My 2021 Portfolio

Albeit a week late, I want to share my 2021 portfolio for documentation purposes and for whoever is interested. I aimed to balance risk in this portfolio with some growth names and legacy plays. Down to brass tacks, I am putting my money in the highest quality companies (in my view) across a diverse set of industries I find attractive. Some of these names are overvalued in the short term. However, I have realized I am not in the business of beating Wall Street’s pricing, but would rather hold high-quality companies that I believe will grow faster that the market in the long term. In other words, I am totally fine paying a short-term premium for growth and quality. Below is a summary of the portfolio and big picture reasoning behind each investment. I'm definitely open to any feedback.
Company Ticker Entry Price Exposure
ARK Genomic Revolution ETF ARKG $93.26 6.60%
CrowdStrike CRWD $211.82 11.78%
Disney DIS $181.18 10.53%
Enphase Energy ENPH $175.47 7.98%
Evolution Gaming Group EVVTY $101.02 12.77%
Facebook FB $273.16 11.05%
Redfin RDFN $68.63 10.41%
Teladoc TDOC $199.96 9.60%
Sea Ltd SE $199.05 14.09%
Waste Connections WCN $102.57 5.19%
ARK Genomic Revolution ETF (BATS: ARKG) - Invests in companies advancing genomics. The companies held in ARKG may develop, produce or enable: CRISPR, Targeted Therapeutics, Bioinformatics, Molecular Diagnostics, Stem Cells, Agricultural Biology.
CrowdStrike (NASDAQ: CRWD) - Cybersecurity technology company that provides endpoint security, threat intelligence, and cyber attack response services.
Disney (NYSE: DIS) - Worldwide entertainment company that you all are probably familiar with.
Enphase Energy (NASDAQ: ENPH) - Designs and manufactures software-driven home energy solutions that span solar generation, home energy storage and web-based monitoring and control.
Evolution Gaming Group (OTC: EVVTY) - Swedish company that develops, produces, markets and licenses integrated B2B live casino solutions for gaming operators.
Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) - Enables people to connect through devices. It’s products include Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Oculus.
Redfin Corporation (NASDAQ: RDFN) - Provides residential real estate brokerage services.
Teladoc Health (NYSE: TDOC) - Provides virtual healthcare services on a B2B basis to its clients and provides services to consumers directly and through channel partners.
Sea Ltd (NYSE: SE) - Digital entertainment, electronic commerce, and digital financial services. The Company operates three business segments: Garena, Shopee, and SeaMonkey. The Company’s digital entertainment business, Garena, is a global game developer and publisher with a presence in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Latin America. Garena provides access to mobile and personal computer online games. Shopee provides users with a shopping environment that is supported by integrated payment, logistics, fulfillment, and other value-added services. SeaMonkey business is a digital financial services provider. SeaMonkey offers e-wallet services, payment processing, credit related digital financial offerings, and other financial products.
Waste Connections Inc. (NYSE: WCN) - Waste services company that provides non-hazardous waste collection, transfer, disposal and recycling services.

P.S. I have two other accounts - one with about 40 growth stocks and another with about 10 big names / ETFs. However, this portfolio has the largest allocation for 2021. My first time trying a more concentrated approach.
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Patch Notes for Cayo Perico Heist Update 1.52

[December 15, 2020] – New Content in Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online Fixes

Game Stability and Performance

Matchmaking & Networking


Awards and Daily Objectives





Story Mode

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the casino opens its doors to the public, its time to gamble, do some black jack and learn how to lose all your money in one sitting, at the brand new dimaon... GTA Online - Casino Job - Meeting Gone WrongIn this mission we need to take the Casino's management and ownership team to discuss a buyout with the Duggan In... GTA V Diamond Casino in Fivem FiveM Diamond Casino MLO, JOB, BLACKJACK, ROULETTE & SLOT MACHINE FiveM Server einrichten #21🔹FiveM Server: https://zap... The new story missions sure do pay good the first time you complete them, however after that I don't see a point to playing them. The payouts are pretty horr... Im "🤑Casino 2 MIO DOLLAR Pro Stunde SOLO Geld Trick!🤑 ALLE Spiele Erklärt! [GTA 5 Online Update DLC]" GTA 5 Online Video, zeige ich euch den zur Zeit besten ... Hello everyone and welcome back to GTA Online: The second part of the Casino Jobs compilation. DOUGY_DEATH and Codestar777 both join me in mischievous activi... This video shows all Casino Work Missions from Ms. Agatha Baker in the new GTA Online update "The Diamond Casino & Resort" - Video in Full HD (1080p / 60fps... Make sure to check out my Other gaming channel "SirCheeseCurd"!/tid=CUSA00419_00 A Business Relationship Is Put To The Test! - "The Casino Job" - Full Free Maverick MovieSubscribe to Us Now Maverick ...